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Projektbidrag 2024-2026

Efter vetenskaplig granskning av externa granskare och beslut av styrgruppen för odontologisk forskning har följande personer och projekt tilldelats SOF medel för 2024-2026:

  • Anders Gustafsson: ”Early detection of oral cancer”
  • Carina Kruger Weiner: ”AI, biomarkers, and precision medicine for prevention, diagnostics, and treatment of oral cancer”
  • Bodil Lund: ”Deep neck infections and dental procedures”
  • Angelika Silbereisen: ”Single-cell proteome and microbiome profiling of the oral mucosa in infectious and non-infectious diseases of oral soft tissues”
  • Rachel Sugars: ”Clinical and diagnostic personalized management of patients with oral complications post-hematopoietic stem cell transplantation”


Projektbidrag 2023-2025

  • Georgios Belibasakis: ”Surveillance of the oral resistome for life-threating oral infections”
  • Kåre Buhlin: ”Dental disease and the impact on dementia risk and prognosis”
  • Malin Ernberg: ”Is the kynurenine pathway upregulated in chronic muscle pain?”
  • Mats Trulsson: ”Cognitive changes and neural correlates after rehabilitation of mastication in older adults – an intervention study”
  • Tulay Yucel-Lindberg: ”Relationship of periodontitis and rheumatoid arthritis by microbiome and citrullination”

Projektbidrag junior 2023

  • Ronaldo Lira Junior: ”Sex dimorphism in the behavior of oral neutrophils”


Forskningsprojekt som tilldelats anslag från SOF för perioden 2022–2024

  • ”Molecular-based diagnostics for co-management of type 1 diabetes mellitus and oral health in an integrated personalized care approach”.
  • ”Phenotype profiling of older individuals with chewing and swallowing problems with implications for clinical management of malnutrition”
  • ”Developmental milestones to establish normality indicators of chewing function in children – From laboratory to clinic”
  • ”Regenerative treatment of traumatized immature permanent incisors with pulp necrosis: A prospective multicenter study”
  • ”Diagnostic and prognostic salivary biomarkers in chronic muscle pain”
  • ”Validity and reliability of threedimensional measurement methods in dentistry” (2022–2023)
  • ”Defining the functions of oral neutrophils in oral and systemic inflammation” (2022–2023)
  • ”A case-management intervention aimed at reducing Early Childhood Caries in disadvantaged areas – a mixed methods study”. (2022–2023)


Forskningsprojekt som tilldelats anslag från SOF under perioden 2020–2022

  1. Oral health in inflammatory bowel disease: pathogenic interplay and clinical utility for disease management. Principal investigator: Elisabeth Almér Boström.
  2. Chair-side molecular diagnostics for oral antibiotic resistances in dental practice. Principal investigator: Georgios Belibasakis.
  3. Investigation of periodontitis as contributor to risk of dementia: The MINOPAR project and beyond. Principal investigator: Kåre Buhlin.
  4. The role of the kynurenine pathway and microbiota in chronic muscle pain. Principal investigator: Malin Ernberg.
  5. Relationship of periodontitis and rheumatoid arthritis by oral microbiome and citrullination. Principal investigator: Tulay Lindberg.
  6. Developing Clinical and Histopathology Models for Oral Lesion Diagnostics Using Artificial Intelligence. Principal investigator: Rachael Sugars.
  7. Oral Cancer and Circulating Tumour-associated Molecules – A Network Integrative Approach to Improve Oral Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment. Principal investigator: Margaret Sällberg-Chen.
  8. Cognitive changes and neural correlates after rehabilitation of mastication in older adults – an intervention study. Principal investigator: Mats Trulsson.


Forskningsprojekt som tilldelats anslag från SOF under perioden 2019–2021:

  1. Modulation of macrophage function to improve periodontal health. Principal investigator: Elisabeth Almér Boström.
  2. Down’s syndrome as a model for accelerating ageing to unravel drivers of periodontal ageing. Principal investigator: Nagihan Bostanci.
  3. A telephone-based case-management intervention for caries prevention in children with severe early childhood caries before 3 years of age. Principal investigator: Göran Dahllöf.
  4. Significance of molecular biomarkers for the pathogenesis of temporomandibular disorders myalgia. Principal investigator: Malin Ernberg.
  5. Prediction of disease activity and temporomandibular joint involvement in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Principal investigator: Britt Hedenberg-Magnusson.
  6. Antibiotic stewardship in odontology. Principal investigator: Bodil Lund.
  7. Oral microbiota in pancreatic cancer development and immune surveillance. Principal investigator: Margaret Sällberg-Chen.
  8. Oral Graft-Versus-Host Disease: Clinical and Artificial Intelligence-Driven Pathological Diagnostics. Principal investigator: Rachael Sugars.
  9. Prospective studies for identifying sensorimotor impairment and optimizing chewing function in the elderly population. Principal investigator: Mats Trulsson.
  10. Domicillary professional oral care for dependent elderly – a continuing project and extended application. Principal investigator: Inger Wårdh.

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